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About Acadica

Acadica is a free suite of game-based learning software. Acadica games make learning fun and teach a variety of subjects, including math, science, history, English, as well as other subjects!

Acadica games include:
  • Finance Nation- a personal finance and business simulation game where you can start out as a ten-year-old, a teenager, or an adult who just graduated from high school. You can even run your own business if the scenario allows you to.
  • The Adventures of Arithmegal- An adventure game where you play as Arithmegal, a math-inspired superhero fighting against the evil Cluelessness and his army, who are trying to turn Acadica into a nation of dumb people.

Acadica is still in the pre-alpha phase. We will put an update on our website when Acadica reaches the next phase.

Cool Stuff For Teachers

Teachers can create their own scenarios and plan their own lessons using Acadica Lesson Studio. Acadica Lesson Studio features include:
  • Create scenarios using the easy-to-use tools!
  • Design worksheets for classes!
  • Make quizzes for students to take!
Learn more about about Acadica Lesson Studio.

Gamified Education System

Students can level up and purchase cool virtual items using AcadiCoins! But be careful: Things like low quiz scores, losing in games, and failing to turn in assignments (called quests in-game) can cause you to lose HP! If your HP reaches zero, your progress will be reset!

Learn more about in-game levels, quests and items.

Parents Can Track Students' Progress

Parents can see their kids' progress online. The graphs and level, as well as the number of times the student ran out of health, can give a good idea of how Acadica is working for them!

Learn more about online student progress tracking.


This will show the top 10 Acadica users (students) by level, average quiz score, and AcadiCoins. There will also be leaderboards for individual games.